laid off camp SF for my IT peeps! [news]

i wouldn't do a second post on any given day unless i thought it was something that needed attention.

a laid off camp will be hosted in san francisco. it looks like they are still working out the details but if you're interested in helping with the planning or other volunteer work, just go here and sign up. Or if you don't want to take the time to look through the page just follow the instructions below:

Planners and Volunteers

* Wanna help plan and organize LaidOffCamp? Email planning@laidoffcamp.com
* You can also talk to Chris Hutchins (@hutchins on Twitter / email: chris@chrishutchins.net) and Kevin Buecher (@kevinbuecher on Twitter / email kevin.buecher@gmail.com )

When / Where

* Tuesday: March 3rd @ 10am
* Searching for a venue in San Francisco for 75-150 people (or more)
* RSVP for LaidOffCamp on Facebook, Upcoming and LinkedIn

Session Ideas

* Living on a budget
* Building your personal brand
* Finding a job / work in this market
* How to freelance / be a consultant
* Finding co-founders

You do NOT have to be unemployed to attend!